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The KIND foundation

  • The KIND Foundation

    what is The KIND Foundation?

    The KIND Foundation is a charitable organization established by KIND. The Foundation aims to deepen what has been the KIND brand’s mission since day one: do the KIND thing for your body, your taste buds and your world™. The Foundation will achieve this through activities that foster kinder and more empathetic communities. The KIND Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

  • why did KIND start a foundation?

    The decision stemmed from KIND's desire to scale its social impact. Businesses have the ability and the responsibility to leave the world a better place. KIND is committed to leaving a positive mark through its brand, healthful products and philanthropy.

  • how can I get in touch with The KIND Foundation?

    Don’t be a stranger! Please email with questions or ideas. Please note, at this time we are not seeking unsolicited grant proposals.

  • what is Empatico?

    Empatico is a free online learning tool that connects classrooms worldwide. It helps students discover what life is like for their peers around the globe, and, in the process, teaches skills like curiosity and kindness to future leaders.

  • what is Empatico’s vision?

    Empatico’s vision is to create a frictionless platform for connecting children all over the world. Someday, we hope Empatico will be a widely-adopted way for kids to connect with one another and explore their similarities and differences. We would love to make Empatico exchanges a normal part of kids’ educational journey.

  • why is Empatico limited to 6-11-year-olds?

    6-11-year-olds represent a unique opportunity. Science shows that kids in this age range are in their “empathy sweet spot.” This means they haven’t developed deeply-rooted biases, but are starting to ask questions about who they are and where they fit into the world. Giving them an opportunity to develop this curiosity and have positive experiences with diverse people can influence how they perceive others in the future.

  • what skills will Empatico teach kids?

    By giving kids the chance to engage with peers in meaningful ways, Empatico will teach skills like kindness, curiosity and perspective-taking. These character skills are critical to succeeding in today’s world; in fact, it’s been shown that they are just as important as traditional academic skills are. Hopefully Empatico will also give kids experience working across lines of difference, so that when they enter the workforce, they are prepared to collaborate with different types of people.

  • why did The KIND Foundation create Empatico?

    The KIND Foundation is committed to building kinder communities, and many of our philanthropic initiatives focus on bringing people together to create more empathy and understanding. Empatico is consistent with this mission. Empatico is also inspired by the early experiences of Daniel Lubetzky, who is the Founder of KIND and President of The KIND Foundation. Daniel has dedicated his life to building bridges between people. As the son of a Holocaust survivor, he understands the importance of recognizing our shared humanity and appreciating difference. Empatico is his latest effort to connect people.

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